Why I hate the word retardation

Retardation is a word used by many. But what does that word really even mean? Dumb, stupid, foolish, slow, and delayed is what pops in peoples minds. One could even say that if someone is retarded that they could have the mental skills of a ten year old.

It's used in our society often. Times people will say if they have done something wrong “I’m such a retard”

Or to someone who does not get something they say he/she is retarded. It has not only turned into a derogatory word but a word that has a horrible meaning.

Even online from dictionary reference site they describe a retard as “people who are slow or limited in mental development (usually preceded by the:) new schools for the retarded.”
What is this school are they referring to? Does one who simply can not understand something classify them as a retard? This would make us all retards then. Every person in the world is slow at something. But does that makes us any different?

It's even used when someone has an intellectual disability?
So why is it with someone who has down syndrome or autism classified as as a retarded person? Does one person have a quality that is greater than others?

Why is it that someone can walk down the street and be treated with dignity and respect? But another person is looked down upon for the way they speak or look?
We all have flaws and intellectual disabilities within our selves. One person might not be able to read as well as other people. One will have trouble with basic addition that holds them back in math. We all have difficulties with something in our lives. But does that make it an intellectual or mentally disability?

People with an intellectual disability can be classified as someone who has below average intelligence or someone who does not grasp something as easily. But we all have below average intelligence. It does not define a person. But rather defines us as a whole.
We live with people who can not understand math to save our lives or able to read.
One bad quality does not define a person. Instead it makes them better.
People say if you have a low IQ you have mental retardation. But people don’t realize we all have low IQ’s with something in our lives.
So why are we classified on our intelligence?
Or why do people then assume you can’t function. Or rather why you can’t do anything?

For someone who says retarded so easily you are hurting someone inside. You are describing them as worthless.
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