It seems we had a small server 'hiccup'. It looks to be resolved now. Sorry for any inconvenience. ❤️
A small update for today, but we have some new content reactions. If you would like to see any further, please let us know. How cute is the little ghost. 👻
It is my hope to not need a comprehensive set of rules, mainly because I trust everybody yo be sensible! With that being said, please everybody be kind to each other. No name calling or petty arguments. Please use the trigger warnings in the mental health chat if applicable. But most importantly: Please enjoy yourself.
You may opt out of viewing any sensitive content by setting your preferences here. You may opt back in at any time, (y)
Made it myself. I hope that you all like it :)
We have new branding which accompanies our new colour scheme. The theme is still a work in progress as I always end up tweaking things. I can't help it. 😅 If you have any feedback, please leave it in the feedback forum:
To help keep spam accounts at bay and database size down a touch, the following housekeeping will be carried out. This list will be added to as more housekeeping guidelines are necessary. Accounts that have 0 posts and have not been accessed in three months will be removed. Accounts that have not been accessed in 12 months will require revalidation upon use.