Mental Illness 8 Toxic Things Parents Say to Their Children



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I'm by no means the best parent in the world... but some of these have genuinely upset me.

1) Who puts down their Childs appearance?
2) Who calls their child weird or mock them for being themselves?
3) Who tells their child they wish they weren't born? Or tells their child they wish they had an abortion? Nobody should make their child feel like a burden.

I stopped watching at this point as it was upsetting.

Some people should not have children...


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I agree with you 100% @Lee. The worst thing is the abuse doesn't end after the hurtful words are said. The wounds go more than skin deep and many children take those awful words with them as they grow up into adulthood. Without proper help, the pain can keep that person from finding the happiness they so richly deserve.

If anyone here is suffering with self hatred due to a toxic childhood, please seek help. Don't bottle up everything inside and suffer in silence, and most of all don't embrace the negative sentiments forced on you in your youth and continue the cycle of abuse by berating yourself in their stead.


my brother was married to a woman who already had 2 children at the time. I remember being there one day and her daughter was coloring. When she mentioned she had trouble in school with certain subjects. I am no wizz kid but at the 11 year old level I can still compete :) So I offered to help her with her homework. She wanted that too. Then her mother said. No need to bother. She just is not smart enough.

I am not a parent. But that was terrible to witness.


Yes, it got even worse. She left my brother and ended up having the girl sent away. I think she is to blame for what happened to her. Keeping her down all the time.


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Who tells their child they wish they weren't born?
This one is a big one that just boggles my mind because the child didn't exactly choose to be born either. It's not at all an appropriate response and it's crazy that some parents will tell their children that!