Do You Look For Love or Lust?



I could say the same to you. Discussing this with you is pointless because our viewpoints are poles apart, so as I have said 'twice' let's agree to disagree and move on.
I made a statement , you came back challenging it and I responded that’s all there is to it . No need to keep on about it .


I’ve been married for over 22 years now. Physical looks can be fleeting. Love is overrated. You have to actually LIKE the person. Once you like someone, love comes naturally. I say this because look at family members. Some we love but don’t necessarily like.
When I did date, I never liked having a picture & never sent mine. I wanted both of us to get to know each other without looks factoring in.
The mental connection definitely has to be there. But it also can be slow to form. Both parties have to be willing to compromise & accept each other even if they don’t accept what they do, did, believe.