Guide: How to Post a Movie to the Movie Database

Hey all,

Here's another hopefully helpful guide! This time we're going to look at how to post a movie to the Movie Database! There are a few steps to this, but it's still a nice and simple process, so let's jump in!

Step One: Navigate to the Movie or TV Database!

Fairly straight-forward here, scroll down to the appropriate section of the forums and select whether you want to enter the Movie or TV database, as shown in the screenshot below.


Step Two: Select the TMDb Link to Search for Your Movie

When you enter the Movie database you will see an area to post a new thread, as you do with any forum. You will also notice directly below the title bar is a link to The Movie Database (TMDb). Click on that and a new tab should open with TMDb loaded to the main page.


Step Three: Search for Your Movie!

Now that you've clicked the link to TMDb, you will be greeted with a large search bar on the main page. Enter the title of the film you wish to search for in the bar and commence the search, as shown below in the screenshot.


Step Four: Copy URL of Film From Results List, or Select Film and Copy Address Bar on Next Screen

We need the link to the page of the movie in question, so if you see the name of the movie you're searching for, right click on it and copy the address, or alternatively, click on the movie and copy the address bar on the next screen, as shown in the two images below.


Step Five: Paste the Address into the Title Box, Post!

This part is nice and simple, once you have the address to the movie you wish to post about, close TMDb and return to the Movie Database here. Select the title box as if you were going to post a new thread and then paste the address you just copied into it. The large box that displays when you click on the title bar can be left blank here! Press Post thread!


Step Six: Movie is Posted, Let's Respond!

We've now successfully posted our movie to the Movie Database, but let's add in our response as to why we chose to post it! Once we submit the movie, we will be taken directly to it's topic, so let's contribute to it immediately by posting our thoughts on this film, as shown below, and then posting those thoughts!


That's it, we've done it! Now a quick check back on the main page of the Movie Database will reveal our entry (in alphabetical order) and we can engage in discussions about the movie with others!

That's all there is to it! We hope this guide has been helpful :)
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