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I, Am I?
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In a bit of a meh mood today. The weekend was good but just went by way too quickly, unfortunately. I haven't got an extremely busy week ahead but I just can't be bothered for Monday.
Totally understandable, some weekends you just want to relax and you hate having to go back to the work week. It's a real drag. Hope Monday treats you well!
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How am I doing? That is the question. The answer is variable depending on how I feel physically and emotionally. It depends on what thoughts are going through my mind at any particular moment. It depends on whether a song is being played that either irritates or connects with me emotionally and triggers either a sad or happy period in my life.

I tend to take each day as it comes - some days are shit, some days are great and some days sit somewhere in-between. Today I'm feeling composed and relaxed, but also annoyed that an item I ordered last week hasn't arrived. I'm also a bit cheese off that some people in the scheme I live in have come down with Omicron and as a result all communal areas are closed and all events cancelled. But hey-ho, that's life and it has a really bad habit of throwing curve balls at us deflecting us from being in a happy state.


I'll see you in Valhalla!
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I am feeling pretty good today.

Working from home so I can do the school runs, as my mum and dad who usually do them for us are both otherwise engaged. (My mum is seeing out the last of her covid isolation, my dad has just finished his with my sister, but he is taking her to uni to do an exam). Always pretty calm when working from home.
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In a bit of a better mood this time than my last post. Looking forward to enjoying the weekend but I do have a bit of Uni work to catch up on. Hope the weekend can start off well tomorrow morning with the Chelsea game