Guide How to Post a Thread From the Main Page

Hi all!

With the new layout in place, we thought it would be a good idea to try and post a few guides on how to make use of the new layout so it becomes easier to understand and make use of! In this guide we'll show you how to post a thread from the index/main page :)

Step 1: Click Create Thread

From the main page of the website, select the "Create Thread" button, as indicated in the screenshot below


Step 2: Select the Type of Content You Wish to Post

Once you select the "Create Thread" button, a drop down will appear showing you several choices for the type of thread you can create. A simple discussion thread, an informative article, a poll, and so on. Select whichever option you wish to post!


Step 3: Select the Forum You Wish to Post to

Now that you've selected the type of thread you wish to post, a list of the available forums will appear, select the one that best fits the area of the topic you wish to post about so that your thread will be created in the right forum!


Step 4: Create Thread (Don't Forget to Select a Prefix!)

This step is relatively straight-forward, create the contents of the thread you wish to post, as normal.


Important Note: If the forum you are posting to offers a list of prefixes (as shown in the second screenshot of this step), please select a prefix that best fits the topic of your discussion, this makes it easier to search for later!


Step 5: A Thread is Born!

Now that you've selected the post button, you'll be taken to your brand new thread!


Step 6: It Appears!

Now you will see your amazing new thread readily available on the Main Page!


We certainly hope this guide has been helpful in showing how to create threads with the new layout. Thanks for reading!