My perfect Life!


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Sunshine after the storm today. I've been doing self-care and have been to Ikea and have bought myself a Summer bed set for 59$CAD before tax! And I'm so happy with it! It's so beautiful and elegant! I'll post pictures after I put it on my bed because it's still too cold and rainy over here in Northern Canada to have Summer stuff around the house. I've bought myself a nice little rocking chair for my backyard to rock myself on too, for 24,99$CAD before tax on sale! I love IKEA man guys! Anyone else has a Ikea near them? I've had Swedish breakfast over at Ikea's cafeteria too, a nice little Swedish coffee and sweet this morning. Yum! So self-care and self-love is in order as I'm having my period tomorrow morning and cramping a hell lot tonight!.
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