Anxiety Tigger

Togger's at the vet tomorrow morning, I'm getting her good back leg looked at, I'm terrified its going to be bad news and she'll either end up with two weak back legs (best case scenario) or end up having to have both back legs removed :(
Vet just wants to monitor her back legs for now, she doesn't appear to be in actual pain in her legs, vet said she probably just finds it more comfortable to sit the way she decided to position her back leg <3
There is something to worry about though, the vet found something in her mouth, she going in on tuesday for them to have a good look at it (could be a bad tooth but my fear is if its cancer)
She's got a couple of broke teeths, they are not causing her pain apparently, her teeths are in good condition for her age though, vet said <3

her mouth's been a little bit sore, but this morning she's managing to eat some dry food <3