General What's the most expensive item you bought online?



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Almost everything is sold online today. There is nothing that you need to buy online which you can't got on online stores. The most expensive product I ever bought online was my refrigerator that cost me $1200.


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I purchased my 55" Class RU7300 Curved Smart 4K UHD TV Samsung at $499.99. It's the most expensive item I have ever purchased online.


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Nothing overly expensive. My Xbox maybe…. A few hundred pounds..?


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I just recently pre ordered Playstation 5. Although, I have purchased my washing machine for $222. 99.


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My car. Passed my driving test in between the first and second lockdown in the UK so buying a car online just made sense. Pretty easy and quite a good experience actually.


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I bought a porch glider and a Tiffany reproduction torch floor lamp from
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Mobile phone - though I did buy my TV from an online and bricks and mortar business over the phone after seeing the TV online, not sure if that counts or not lol.