General Working day or Night shifts?



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Which one do you feel comfortable working? Would it be working during the day time or Night shifts? I'm more lively at night, so night shifts might work well for me.


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I much prefer working nights. I do my best work in the night where it is peaceful! :)


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I kinda like night shifts more because work load is even lesser in the night than during the day from my experience.


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It wouldn't work for my current line of work but I honestly wouldn't mind working at night. I seem to work better at that time


I'm retired now, so have no 'working' opinion on this. However, I suppose that if the job you held required working nights then it would have been explained to you before starting, so you would know what to expect. If after starting you find that working nights is not something you enjoy, then it would be best to look for another job - don't just quit though as it's easier to move from a job to a job rather than being unemployed as there may be hundreds chasing a job you may enjoy doing.

Shift work is the norm for a lot of professions and some people prefer working nights. For me personally, if I were not retired, I would prefer working days as I used to work nights and found myself waiting all day to go to work.